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Exxon is fined $2.6M for spill. By Debra Hale-Shelton, Northwest AR Democrat-Gazette (Oct 2, 205).

3/29/13 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/STEPHEN B. THORNTON Firefighters drop absorbant cloths on the ground where oil flowed down the street on North Starlite Road in Mayflower's Northwood subdivision, after the flow of oil was stopped following a pipeline break Friday afternoon.

PST Press Release on PHMSA Hazardous Liquid Proposed Rule released Thursday, October 1, 2015.

Feds want tougher rules for oil pipelines after spills. By Matthew Brown, AP (Oct 1, 2015).

Two years after Tioga, N.D., spill, dirty pile still dwarfs clean pile. By Amy Dalrymple, Grand Forks Herald (Sept 28, 2015).

Pennsylvania community experiences pipeline proliferation. By Duncan Adams, The Roanoke Times (Sept 13, 2015).

As US rushes to build gas lines, failure rate of new pipes has spiked. By Sarah Smith, SNL (Sept 9, 2015).

We're still waiting for confirmation on the health of Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac. By Mark Brush, MI Radio (Sept 2, 2015).

Dueling studies dispute need for more pipelines in New England. By William Opalka, RTO Insider (Aug 31, 2015).

Cleanup underway after 26,000 gallon Alberta pipeline spill. By Nicolas Torres, Petro Global News (Aug 23, 2015).

Hudson Valley lawmakers have new concerns about Indian Point pipeline. By James Gormley, The Legislative Gazette (Aug 11, 2015).

Judge grants injunction to keep surveyors off land in pipeline case. By Tina Alvey, Register-Herald Reporter (Aug 6, 2015).

After a year without one, the US is finally getting a pipeline safety chief. By Emily Atkin, Think Progress (July 22, 2015).

Enbridge expects $40 million fine; EPA's stiffest ever for a pipeline spill. By David Hasemyer, InsideClimate News (July 22, 2015).

Nexen baffled by 'fish mouth' leak from new double-walled pipeline. By Dan Healing, Calgary Herald (July 18, 2015).

US agency faulted for inaction after California pipeline spill. By Kevin Freking and Michael R. Blood, AP (July 14, 2015).

Pipeline company knew Calif. spill could reach Pacific. By Andrew Restuccia and Elana Schor, Politico (July 9, 2015).California Oil Spill

Witness: Explosion 'shook the house'. By the Victoria Advocate staff (June 14, 2015).

Martinez: Questions, and answers, about pipeline safety. By Dana Guzzetti, Contra Costa Times (June 10, 2015).

400-foot piece of broken pipe probe's target. By Jessica Seaman, NW AR Democrat-Gazette (June 9, 2015).

Pipeline firm said California oil spill 'extremely unlikely'. By Michael R. Blood and Brian Melley, AP News (June 7, 2015).

Obama picks unknown quantity to head pipeline safety agency. By Lisa Song, InsideClimate News (June 2, 2015).

The mysterious case of the automatic shutoff valve. By Brandon Fastman, Santa Barbara Independent (May 29, 2015).

Slick with denial: 'Self-Regulation' and the latest oil spill. By Judith Lewis, CityWatch LA (May 25, 2015).

To see news that has rolled off of our home page click here.

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1 day ago  ·  

PHMSA released its long-awaited proposed rule on hazardous liquid pipeline safety today.

Carl Weimer, the Executive Director, responded to the proposal:

“We are happy that these proposed rules have finally been released, but after waiting for five years since this process began we are disappointed that the proposed rules do not address many of the major concerns raised from recent spills. Requiring leak detection is good, but without a standard to define how such systems need to perform the requirement is nearly meaningless.
Requiring inspection of pipelines after major flooding and weather
events is a good idea, but we had hoped that PHMSA would also
require proactive efforts to prevent spills from pipelines before such
events occur. Requiring pipelines to be able to accommodate smart
pigs is a great idea, but why are they allowing pipelines that are
already 50 or 60 years old twenty more years to make these
needed improvements? After major spills over the past few
years where are the rules to require automated valves that so
many have called for? While we support many of these proposals,
with this country’s aging pipeline infrastructure we are concerned
that this level of slow incremental improvement will not be enough to keep our communities and environment safe. We hope these
proposed rules can be strengthened through the public comment
process, but in the past such proposals represent the high watermark regarding safety since the pipeline industry will now apply great pressure to weaken these proposed rules even

The communities and the environments that have suffered through totally preventable recent spills deserve better. We'll post more about how to find the proposal and where to submit comments.
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6 days ago  ·  

The two keynotes for our November pipeline safety conference are confirmed. Marie Therese Dominguez the new Administrator for PHMSA, and Colette Honorable a relatively new FERC Commissioner. Space is limited - register today. pstrust.org/trust-initiatives-programs/pipeline-safety-trust-annual-conferences/2015-pipeline-saf... ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago  ·  

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